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A Wire Through the Heart brings to life the epic story of constructing Australia's overland telegraph. The two central characters are dramatically recreated, explorer John McDouall Stuart and scientist Charles Todd, and the film documents their extraordinary tales of adventure and engineering struggle.

Moments in Stuart's magnificent journey from Adelaide to Australia's north coast are brought to life - his journey with eleven men and 49 horses, an attack by Aborigines, desertion, the triumphant sighting of the Indian ocean and, ultimately, Stuart's return to Adelaide carried on a horse-bound stretcher.

The films features Todd's meticulous planning and supervision, 'pole teams' hard at work, the telegraph wire spreading like gossamer across the desert, and Todd's moment of triumph - sending the first 'wire' through the heart of Australia.

The historical re-enactments are also complemented by documentary sequences including interviews with historians who tell stories about the early days of telegraph operation, tales of isolation and perseverance.

The dramatic narrative of A Wire Through the Heart is underscored by the stunning dry red landscape of the continent's vast interior.