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The Bridge stood as a statement that we are Australians and we count.

- Gerald Stone, author and historian

The Sydney Harbour Bridge from Dawes PointCelebrating the 75th anniversary of one of Australia's most loved icons, The Bridge is the epic and definitive story of the building of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the vision of those who made it happen, despite their personal conflicts and political intrigues.

The Bridge locates the story of the Sydney Harbour Bridge - its design and construction - in its proper historical context. By any measure, the Bridge's construction was a masterpiece of technological innovation, its completion became wrapped up with a significant moment in Australian history, a time of acute political and economic instability brought on by the 1929 Great Depression.

But beyond an extraordinary 'nuts and bolts' engineering tale, The Bridge is also a thrilling emotional drama, and a tribute to Australia's coming of age as a modern nation.

The Bridge interweaves archival and shot footage and photographs, extracts from personal diaries and parliamentary records, the oral histories of surviving witnesses, contemporary interviews with lively historians, and vividly realised factual drama.